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Discussion in 'Production' started by Dj Jammin, Jul 4, 2007.

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    I've been reading a few forums and they all seem to go on about EQuing drums and basslines etc... This probably sounds like a well newby question but how would i EQ all this. I'm using fruity. should i use the fruity 7 band EQ or is there another effect vst whateveryoucallit i should get? Also when making a drum loop, say i've got 3 kick samples would i have 1 sample low one high and one medium and do this for all my drum samples, just need some general advice on how many samples i should have per hit and what eq's they should be.

    I explained that pretty badly but oh well :(
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    AS many hits as it takes to get a good sound. maybe 1 or two for low end - make them short, no attack, short decay, no sustain for punchy rolling things and longer for deep and simple beats. And cut from below 40-70Hz depending on bass power. Midrange can be even more fuller but be careful not to hassle with the snare.

    From the fruity basic effects, use preferably Parametric EQ, you can adjust the Q (sharpness of the curve) and frequency which gives you more control. Learn the bits of it and then you could consider getting some quality effects.

    Oh and keep your sub-basses mono. It hurts on the dancefloor if your bass roams around the stereo field and vinyl can't even do much stereo on low frequencies.