Bassline/Niche/4x4/garage Bass, any specialists?


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Hey yall,

Recently I've been having a break from my own production and just spending some time learning more about design and synthesis as before I was only really good at subs /mids with fx buses and resampling other basslines, but now ive been actually learning how to make different characteristic synth sounds as excercies every day, ie. last week i learned how to make an FM donk, an emulated 303 acid sound, and big square wiley style portamento unison grime basses.
I watched an excellent tutorial about reeses in FL by this fat american geek (genius) called seamless. despite the pain of listening to him speak, listening to the sounds he makes is insane. :4:

Now I'm trying to make the classic bassline/4x4/niche high pitched but subby bass, a la:

Theres an example.

also, this little yorkshire tinker makes a similar but not as subby (probs just needs a sub layer/osc) in seconds with 3osc in fruity (i used fruity years ago im on logic 9). Despite his tune being terrible (bless him) the sound he makes in the 3osc is very similar and with some tweaking it could be the one above. I dont have fruity any more so i cant test it out. i also cant work out what wave hes clicked on, its square and something else, looks like halp pulse half sine or some s***. Cant believe i just had to try and take pointers off some gash FL teenie bopper :rolleyes:

Im guessing its squares or something, and ive got kind of close with squares/triangles with an octave down sine for sub and some envelopes but its close but not quite the cigar..

can anyone shed some synth light on this one plz ?
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Pretty sure the high pitched noise in the vocaroo example comes from a ring mod.
As for the youtube thing, that was unwatchable.