Baron "Hell Billy / Meet The Creeper" (CIA 013)


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Mar 4, 2002
I don't buy new DnB records very often if at all anymore but I did pick this one up.

"Meet the creeper" = a really lousy track. If both sides were like this I wouldn't have even givin' this piece of plastic a second thought.

"Hell Billy" = Obviously this track was better then the other side. In fact it was quite alot better! Out of all the things i've heard from this guy so far this is by far the most interesting and complex. If it was just a few 1992 rave stabs and a baseline I wouldn't have been happy. I'm interested in hearing lots of change ups and the sort. This tune seems to have that. It has a bank of interesting sounds that it draws from and flips back and forth to during the course of the track. While it has a boring played out "Squash" like percussion (two step beats with an amen break in the background) it does have a nice drum roll that plays right before a switch up which is quite nice.

I'd say the very best thing about this tune is when it plays hommage to Rotterdam Termination Source's "Poing" twards the end. That was a real highlight for me.

I rate this record: 5/10 (loosing points for the flipside..."meet the lamer" is more like it).
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