Bad Apple 5: Klute and Amit discuss music and its purpose - this Friday


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Aug 13, 2005
II Bad Apple 5 II

Music for ritual, for protest, for celebration. What is music for today? Klute and Amit will be invited to look at their musical career and tell when and how their music was serving many purposes.

2011 sees Klute celebrate the 10th year of Commercial Suicide ( and, Amit kicks off 2011 with a much awaited dose of beats, breaks and bass; the Never Ending LP (

After a brief introduction (and laying out a hearty snack for the hungry minds) Klute and Amit will grace us first with their selection and then with their insight on the need for music.

Finally, both will work on what lyrics could best fit a current protest.

Studio number: 07943945946
Strealing from:
Friday 25th February from 12pm GMT
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