B-52 Returns to Kunninmindz Radio Tonight at Midnight!!

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    Jan 13, 2005
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    Ez all,

    I've had some serious Broadband problems over the last few months, so this may seem alittle out of the blue, but i'm back with a vengence, and a new 8mb connection to bring you the usual dubs, brand spanking new tunes and cheeky northern banter which you came accustomed to on my previous broadcasts!

    Kunninmindz Radio is one of the best online radio stations you can get with Formations APB & Maveric doing a weekly show and guest slots which have featured artists like Logistics, Potential Bad Boy & Yush, Garry K & Presha, Rascal & Klone & also various shows from the Kunninmindz residents coming from all around the world!!

    I'll be returning tonight at midnight till 2am and expect some serious tunage with brand new stuff from G-Dub, Pendulum, Clipz, Kut.d and Swiss Jungle!!

    Listen >>>>>> Broadband

    Listen >>>>>> Dial-Up

    Hopefully speak to a few of you all later on in the chatroom at www.kunninmindz.co.uk

    Thanks :pimp: