(Autonomic, Jungle), (J Majik/Source Direct/Instra:Mental-esque style)


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May 6, 2017
Hi there,

I am new here and have never released a track before. I am here mainly for direction on what labels I should send these demos to as it seems there are a tonne of labels which seem to exclusively release music by the same artist(s) that runs it, and/or their style of music is incredibly specific (I'm trying not to carbon-copy other artist's work). Is it worth even bothering sending them to big established labels (i.e: Exit Records) and should I trust small/starting-out labels? What are tell-tale signs of 'cowboy labels' that rip off artists and never pay them what they are owed?

I am not here for production tips at this point (These have already been approved by a respected D&B producer and sound engineer with nearly 20 years experience, and these demos I present here are NOT the mastered versions which he has done for me)

Thank you
Not sure you're asking these questions in the right place mate. Also, no offence...but why don't you ask your respected producer and sound engineer who has "approved" your tracks? And another thing, I assume we are supposed to add 10% or so to how good the tracks are seeing as we don't get to hear the mastered versions? :-/
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