AUGUST 2011 - 2 BRAND NEW RELEASES OUT NOW! Summer killers!!! ;-]

Sep 8, 2002
Hey all!!

Here are 2 brand new releases exclusive to the Freak MP3 Store! We have taken a time out for summer and big changes and big plans are coming your way! But for now....Here they are!! I have included direct links so you can have a listen (And Buy!) Please Please support underground music, If not it will be gone forever! Trust me....I know you can find shit leaked but if the artists are not making ANYTHING how can they carry on? This isn't Hollywood! Please feel free to steal from them and the $10 million wages they pay!


---FreakMP3035--- (Our First 2 track FreakMP3 release!!!)

XTM - A: Yellow Signs / AA: Hostile

Listen / Buy Here :


A: Treo & Implant - Stratofortress / AA: Treo & Kinetik & The Square - They Are Coming

lISTEN / buy Here:

Thanks so much and remember....we are always lurking in the shadows ready to attack ;-]

Big things coming soon....

Dylan & All at Freak/Therapy etc.
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