Attn: Promoters !! Trilogy Sound Tour 2004 !!


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Artists Featured:
Tester (DJ)
Sinista (DJ/MC)
Hazeus (DJ)

Tentative Run Dates:
October 28th - December 6th, 2004.

Tour Features:

The tour will showcase the newest and finest Ragga-Jungle, Reggae, Dancehall, Drum N Bass and Hip-Hop. Each show will bring forth a massive showcase of original dubplates and original jungle tunes produced exclusively by Trilogy Sound. The tour show is offered in a 3-part performance:

· Reggae and Dancehall juggling by Sinista
Sinista will be armed with a massive collection of 45s, 12"s and CDs to build and increase the vibes in the early stages of the event. From Foundation to Dancehall to Soca to Hip-hop reggae, Sinista will surely get the crowd warmed up and ready for the dance. Sinista will surely set the dance off proper packing his set full of new and classic riddims, dancehall and foundation, as well as the hottest and latest hiphop remixes. Armed with crate after crate of 45s, 12"s and CDs, Sinista will surely be a crowd pleaser, giving a proper opening to a wikked night of vibes to come. This set will set the pace for Trilogy and get everyone into the vibe and on the floor moving.

· Ragga-Jungle mash-up by Tester
Tester is stocked and loaded with brand new dubplates sure to set the stage on fire. Boasting some of the hardest hitting mash up ragga-jungle in the scene, his performance and energy are set on destroy. Tester is known for having the reggae soundclash element to his sound as a strong influence and proudly rinses original dubplate voicings by some of the most world-renowned reggae artists in the world. During his performances you will only see his own produced dubplates touch the turntables. In addition, Tester has just released 10 tunes over the past month and a half and by the time the tour takes to the road, he'll be boasting 6 more releases under his belt. During Tester's performance, Sinista will host on the microphone and give the entire dance a proper toasting.

· New and old Drum N Bass brought to you by Hazeus
Keeping the dance diverse, as Trilogy Sound should be known, Hazeus will bring out the newest and toughest Drum N Bass with the hints and flavors of the old school vibe to accompany. Hazeus is known for mixing it up. The styles will be broad and the vibe will surely stay strong. Sinista will keep the vibes flowing on the microphone during Hazeus' performance as well. Hazeus is known for his crazy live remixes playing some of his favorite 80s hits mixed in with Drum N Bass with plenty of scratching to fill out the style that can only be associated with Hazeus.

*The tour is offering the option of reggae and dancehall juggling to close out the event following headlining performances.

Each event will feature a massive amount of exclusive dubplates produced by Trilogy Sound / Tester, including special voicings from world famous reggae artists. These special recordings will be performed during all portions of the night and promise to be crowd-pleasing.

Trilogy will have merchandise available including vinyl, CDs, clothing and artwork at each event. We plan to create many new T-shirt and Sweatshirt designs exclusively for the tour as well as providing many giveaways at each performance.

Tentative Tour Itinerary:

These are the most ideal dates for the city listed or the area that the tour would be available for other events. We are working are to create a smooth travel route though some dates and cities can vary. If you see your city on the list and are interested in booking the tour use the contact information at the bottom. This is not a list of confirmed dates.


28th - Raleigh, NC.
29th - NC / VA / DC Area
31st - DC


1st - NYC
2nd - ***go vote
3rd - NYC Area
4th - NYC Area
5th - Providence
6th - Boston
7th - 10th - Boston/New England Area
11th - Ottawa
12th - Montreal
13th - Toronto
14th - Toronto / Great Lakes Area
15th-18th - Great Lakes Area
19th - St. Louis / Jackson
20th - New Orleans / Baton Rouge Area
21st-25th - Louisiana Area
26th - Houston / Dallas Area
27th - ***return to Atlanta



*West Coast dates are available, please contact for more information.

Promotional Packet Contents:

· Bios
· Mixed CD
· Flyer
· Tour proposal / cost

Once the full tour has been booked, promotional flyers, including tour route and dates, will be printed and distributed to promoters for use in addition to their personal event flyers. These flyers will list cities and dates only.

We appreciate your time and if you are interested in bringing this tour to your city or have questions about booking, please contact us using the information below. Thank You. Bless.

-Trilogy Sound; Tester, Sinista and Hazeus

Booking Contact Information: