Attn: Promoters: TESTER & ARCHIVE : JUNGLE 101 TOUR 2005


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Tour Concept:

This tour will feature the best showcase of the past, present and future of jungle music. The Jungle 101 Tour title says it all. We are set out to provide jungle education in a musical format. Archive's name should give insight to just how deep his crates run. Archive will bring out a showcase of jungle ranging over the past 12 years. His old school sound is second to none and his mixing will surely amaze. Tester will set forth yet again to display his ideals towards the present and future movements in the ragga-jungle genre. Performing exclusive, all self-produced dubplates and recorded specials, Tester will ignite the stage. Together, Tester and Archive will display a true timeline of jungle music from past to the present and to the future.

Tentative Run Dates:

May 16th – June 30th


Artist Bios:

TESTER : (Trilogy Sound, Tuff Gang Int'l, Murdah One, ATL)
Tester AKA Soundboy Assassinator is 1/3 of Trilogy Sound alongside Sinista and the legendary Hazeus. Running the jungle Sound following the format of a reggae sound station, Tester offers exclusive all dubplate sets featuring top notch VIP remixes and real dubplate specials voiced exclusively for the Sound from original artists from all over the world including NYC, Atlanta, Miami, UK, Canada, Switzerland and Jamaica.
Tester began producing in 1998 with a high regard to his passion for both reggae and jungle music. Since then, he has produced over 100 original dubplates and VIP remixes. Every event is sure to feature a debut tune or exclusive dubplate made especially for the event. Tester's performances are high energy and feature only tunes produced by him and voiced dubplates for Trilogy Sound.
Tester currently boasts releases on labels such as Tuff Gang Int'l, Press Up, Ten Pound, JungleX, Crimewave Ltd., Jungle Royale, as well as an EP release as the debut release on Trilogy's own imprint, Trilogy Sound Vinyl, due out in April 2005.
Tester's sound, with heavy sound-clash style influence, pounds the crowd with hard hitting deep bass, mashed up amen breaks and drum n bass styles along with strong culture and soundboy killin' vocals. Tester is sure to showcase enough dubplates to kill any soundboy who test the champion sound, TRILOGY SOUND.
In addition to Trilogy Sound, Tester also reps as a member of Murdah One, a reggae Sound, with chapters based in ATL, NYC and Miami, along with Sinista as well.



Vinyl Releases:
Press Up Records 03
Tuff Gang Int'l (France) 02
Tuff Gang Int'l (France) 03
Ten Pound Records 03
Tuff Ganger Maxi Single
Tuff Gang Int'l (France) 04
Jungle Royale 04

CD Releases:
Tester - Dubplate 101
Trilogy Sound - Good Vibes Vol. 1 & 2
Tester - Run Tings Vol. 1
Trilogy Sound - Dancehall 2003 Recap
Tester - Strictly Underground Mix
Tester - ‘Now Who Gwan Test?

ARCHIVE : (Ronin Sound: Los Angeles, NYC)
Killing fakes since '99 with his doubles routine of “Soundmurderer,” Archive's style can only be described as the bastard child of hip hop and dancehall. Backed by an arsenal of the most rare and sought after white labels, his guns out selection teases even the most discerning ragga jungle head and is guaranteed to smash any dancefloor. Archive has played alongside stateside dons such as TESTER, R.A.W. and CRS? at monthlies like the Herbn' Sunday Sound Clash in L.A. and Rapture in San Diego. His “Merderous Jungle Top Shottaz” mix is in constant rotation with heads from Los Angeles to Brooklyn; run for cover if you can find a copy. The skills are on-point, the crates are deep and the massive a'int ready.

Archive - Merderous Jungle Top Shottaz (teaser)


Tentative Tour Itinerary:
These are the most ideal dates for the city listed or the area that the tour would be available for other events. We are working hard to create a smooth travel route though some dates and cities will vary. Tour route is tentative, please contact with dates that are best for you.

Once the full tour has been booked, promotional flyers, including tour route and dates, will be printed and distributed to promoters for use in addition to their personal event flyers. These flyers will list cities and dates only.

There will be merchandise available including vinyl, CDs and clothing at each event. There are many new T-shirt and Sweatshirt designs exclusively for the tour as well as providing many giveaways at each performance.

Your time is appreciated and if you are interested in bringing this tour to your city or have questions about booking, please contact using the information below.

Thank You,

-Tester / Trilogy Sound

Promoter details:

We are offering this tour at an all-inclusive rate. This means that all travel and lodging expenses will be INCLUDED in the booking rate, unless otherwise negotiated. We are doing our best to work with all promoters of all budget levels. If you are interested in bringing this tour to your city, please contact us with your inquiry, regardless of your budget or event size. We are FAR more interested in doing as many events as possible in as many cities as possible. Please contact using the links below.

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