Attn: Artists - Showcase Your Work in our Art Gallery!


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Nov 5, 2002
Get Grimey Art Gallery


Your paintings, drawings, graphic artwork, photography, etc. are looking to be showcased!

Get Grimey knows that there are a lot of talented visual artists in the culture, and we'd like your creations to be part of our medium! It is in our belief that viewing works created by our peers helps to inspire and push us all further into the depths of expression, which is where your art will come into play! We are not asking for rights or anything of the sort, and all removals from the site will be handled through your own account.

Only three things are needed to register for this feature.

- Your username
- Your password
- Your email

(The registration is separate from the site, to encourage artists through a shorter process)

We recommend that you include your information in the description of the image for full credit of your work, or perhaps even including it on the image.

Come and participate! We look forward to seeing your artwork soon. Have a great one!

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