Attn ALL - TRACK IT DOWN MP3 Service benefits you!

Hello all,

I come with my first post to bring you news of a new service starting thats going to be HUGE.

The outline is basically a new site thats opening at the end of the month that will be an MP3 download service for established artists, Up and coming producers and anyone who has material and wants to get it heard by other people.

The service is totally FREE, thats the amazing part about it. As an artists/producer you upload your tracks to the site, with a biography of yourself/cv type thing and then people can login into a secure account and pay £1.50 a tune to download your music. 50p goes to MCS and VAT etc. 50p goes to the site, 50p goes to you. I know it doesn't sound a lot but as this site will be world wide think about it like 1000 * 50p!

Ok, whos is thinking jim is rabbitting pissed and getting annoying with this hype. Well ok.....yeah but, its has already begun.

To make this more of a street level affair there will be a forum where you can chat to producers and talk about mp3's etc plus networking with everyone else.

This site isn't jyst confined to D+B, If any of you produce, house/hardhouse/techno/breaks/lounge/beats there will be seperate areas for download and seperate forums to get your self heard.

For free, this has to be a good thing. It can only earn you recognition and money - especially for any tunes that are sitting arond which you think.....what can I do with them - you could get them out there and make money.

Its all funded by high up people in the hard dance market who have routes in other styles and wanted to come up with an anti I-tunes site that benefits everybody.

If you want to find out more best option is to contact Nolan ( say that you came across this post from INITIAL on the DNB Forum board and then say what you do and what you want to upload....or just ask for more details!

There isn't a catch, find out for yourself - sales pitch over

(By the way my Internet is canned at the mo so im off and on like a muppett till I get it sorted out, but pm me and I will get back to you)

Jim :twisted:

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