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We are a newly established artist agency representing the finest selection of new talent and established DJs and MCs. We offer a varied selection of artists from across the spectrum of UK, urban, club music for all types of performances from DJs to live PAs.
Our aim is to provide a first class booking service to both our clients and artists, through ease of use, efficient administration, excellent communication and competitive pricing.

Artists: DJs

Dose (Commercial Suicide, Critical, Revolution, Citrus, Syndrome Audio, Cyanide)
Garry K (Random Concept, Black Widow)
Gremlinz (Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, Audio Decay, Extinction)
Jem-One (Metalheadz, Digital Soundboy, CIA, 36 Records)
Jungle Drummer vs. DJ Fu
Kane (Undiluted, Grid, Trouble on Vinyl, Kool FM)
Manifest (Renegade Hardware, 13 Music, Audio Decay, M.O.B., Climate)
Silver (Metalheadz, Virus, Bingo, Renegade Hardware, V Records, Infrared)
Skitz (Rawkus, Grand Central, Riddim Killa, Wordplay)
Sonic (Space, Hospital, Bingo, Infared, Virus)
Total Science (CIA, Metalheadz, Hospital, Innerground)
Vapour (31 Records, Rufige, CIA, Dread Recordings, Shogun, 36 Records)
Verb (Renegade Hardware, M.O.B., Audio Decay, 13 Music, Kool FM)

Artists: MCs

Rodney P (Riddim Killa, Low Life Records)
Skinnyman (Low Life Records)
Smoothie (36 Records)
Trip (DMC, Spit Kingdom)


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