Atmospherix - Influenza Podcast 7 [12/2008]


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Apr 22, 2007
Ez fellow bassheadz,

Here we are with our 7th podcast already and this time we tought it would be time to get someone from between our country-boundries and with forthcoming releases on Funk Star, Influenza:LTD,Deep Instinct and one tune out with Rolling Maffia on BassWerk we tought to give the man some highlights.

So here's the podcast with Atmospherix, hailing from Temse, Belgium and owner of the new digital label called "Deep Instinct Records"


1.Glen E Ston - Equinox (influenza dub)
2.Heist - Pinchers (Allsort)
3.Peyo & Sks - Without u (influenza dub)
4.Calibre - Mr. Right on (Signature)
5.Paul SG - Grey Skin (Influenza dub)
6.Redeyes & Sweed - Kashmere (Bingo)
7.Paul SG ,Eros & Atmospherix - Green & Blue (dub)
8.Lomax & Focus - Five Weeks (Bingo)
9.Undersound - Happy go Lucky (Point 9 dub)
10.Stan & Mook - Legal (Soul:R)
11.Subsid - Rain & Sun (Deep Instinct dub)
12.Break - external (Engine)
13.Stanza - Kanashibari (Deep Instinct dub)
14.Spectrasoul - Panoramic (renegade)
15.Icicle & Proxima - The Echelon form (Crunch)
16.D-bridge - Bastion (Bingo)
17.Sonic Saturation - Fetal Movements (dub)

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