ASC - Programme 02 EP - AUX010 [Auxiliary 04-11-13]

The Watcha

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from ASC's facebook:-

A little teaser. Full Programme 02 audio coming Friday 25th.

A - tbc
AA - tbc
AAA - Confined Spaces
AAAA - Polymer

Why can't record labels understand I am skint and do not have the money for records. So so so many good releases at the moment
This isn't going to help the cause :)

Polymer is on Auxcast episode 10 if you can't wait till tomorrow
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Lol definitely not, I have a list as long as my arm of records that I want at the moment but I can't justify pulling the trigger at the moment.

Sam Binga - Ayo
ASC - Programme 1 & Programme 2
Synth Sense bit on Diode
Machine Drum -Vapour City
Om Unit - Metalheadz 12"
Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah
Stray - Matchsticks EP
Kid Drama - In Mind EP
Om Unit - Threads
FredRob LP
Mosaic Vol 2 (still dont have it :()
Reza and Gremlinz 31 Records
Homemade Weapons bit on Samurai
Etherwood LP

Add that with the wantllist that has spiralled out of control on Discogs and I could literally go on forever. Wish I could win the lottery lol

Can't wait to hear all the previews of this tommorow :) you can never have too much music from ASC/Auxiliary in your life