Artific's Dark Day's 3 Deck Mix (Phace, Spor, Noisia, Rockwell, Enei, Hybris etc.)


Jul 14, 2011
Bristol, UK
A three deck mix on two turntables and a CDJ that I recorded today. Haven't recorded a mix in over a year so any feedback is appreciated.

Phace & Misanthrop – Energie
>Demo & Cease – Ladies Night VIP
Spor – Knock You Down
Fierce, Break & Nico – Empire
Bad Company – Four Days
>Black Sun Empire - Bullet in the Head (Gridlok Remix)
Ram Trilogy – Gridlock (Break Remix)
>Bladerunner – Snakefist
Noisia – Concussion
Spor – Halogen
Phace & Rockwell – NO!
Foreign Concept – Cemetary
>Enei & Eastcolors – Orion
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero
>Vicious Circle & Nocturnal- Last Chance Saloon
>Andy C & Shimon – Nightflight
Enei – One Chance
>Phace – Basic Memory
Nympho – Sideways in Time
Optiv & BTK – Inception
Hybris – The Elusive 101
Enei – Slow Motion
Octane & DLR – Back in the Grind
Break – Hot Love
Octane & DLR – Seven
Break & Calyx – Don’t Look Down
Prototypes – Subterrestrial
Enei – Movin’ Fast
Hive, Gridlock, DBridge, Silent Witness & Break – Standing Room Only​
Re: Artific's Dark Day's 3 Deck Mix (Phace, Spor, Noisia, Rockwell, Enei, Hybris etc.

Just giving this a listen... Tracklisting is huge and your mixing is really tight!

But at some points it sounds a bit muddled with too much bass coming through from the background tune. I think you sometimes don't cut out enough bass from the background tune. And I think its better to bring in tunes earlier and have the two tunes build up together, rather than have the incoming tune only come in about 1 second before the drop. Hopefully I'm not being too harsh! I'm liking the mix so far so definitely keep more coming!

And I think you've only had so little response on this mix because you're fairly new on here, most people have learnt from experience that new user's mixes are usually pretty bad, so they just ignore them. Get a few more posts layed down and people will be all over your mixes
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