Drum & Bass Arrangment Perils

I put int the time I have the melodies the equipment but my arrangement is pretty much rubbish. I started from the middle of my DNB track and, I wind up stuck with know way to progress. Its Like I cant find any rhythm? Any help I really need it!
Ah, been here too many times, lol. Just all you gotta remember is too not over do it, think about what type of track you're going to make, then stick with it. Keep a close eye to your detail, or even just make a scrap, quick intro and use it so you still have some rhythm, then when you feel you're satisfied with the drop, etc. Just work on your intro, then. And if the drop, or intro needs some sacrifice to keep it bad-ass, sometimes, they just have to be made, for the better of the track. Try listening to other songs, too. Keep a close ear on their detail and depth to the song, and try to get tips off that yourself. Or just trying starting from the start to begin with.


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Bring in elements slightly like wight bars before it feels natural to actually bring them in, if that makes sense..

Imagine what kind of a tune you'd like to make, how you'd like it to sound and how you'd like it to progress before and during putting shit together, like "what little changeup or mini-breakdown could I add to keep this interesting?" kind of thing. Would it sound cool if on the first bar of the next sequence the drums disappear and the bass does pitch shifts downwards and then the drums and all come back in on the next snare hit or something? And would the effect work better if you layer a reverse crash over the bass drop thing?

I think it's the little things like that that really work out the grove of the track and when you get a hang of it, your progression will come naturally, like.