[AR005] Osa - Knixx (Forthcoming Alura Records Jan 14th)


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Due January 14th 2013.

Alura Records kicks 2013 off in style with the long awaited release of Knixx coming from Austrian based producer Osa. Backed up with two huge remixes this release has a weapon for any bass music DJ to tear the dancefloor apart!

For a more melodic, groovy tune look no further than the original track. Intricate percussive elements hinting towards 2Step with a deep bassline plus beautifully executed pad and synth work make Knixx a track that is certain to get anyone on their feet.

For a more in your face approach Alura Records founder Crypticz steps up to the table with his massive remix. Trading the original tracks focus on groove for a more direct approach this remix has been tearing up Clubs and Events thanks to its big build up, catchy vocal chops and huge sub rumbling bass and now you can rip the dancefloor apart too.

Last but not least Plutodash provides his take with his 'Dashbash' which made its way onto the Knixx release through winning the Alura Records Remix Competition. Rolling percussion adapted from the original sits underneath an explosion of gritty bass sounds and sinister musical elements to provide the more dubstep orientated DJs something to really get excited about.