Aqua Sky "Badlands (Simon Bassline rmx) / Sucker Punch


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Mar 4, 2002
Aqua Sky "Badlands (Simon Bassline rmx) / Sucker Punch (Sonic & Silver rmx)" (Sonix 006)
This is a dead sexy record. Both sides are just as strong and the whole thing sounds like it belongs in a Total Science set. Totaly right up my alley. Even though the beats are a bit minimal the sub base and sounds kinda make up for it. "Badlands" has some nice 'ardkore stabs used in a very subtle manor. Add to that its got a different sort of 1992 hoover breakdown thats rather nice. "Sucker Punch" has a more detroit techno kind of vibe thats very much like the tune Sonic & Silver did on Science Fiction 001 which I slept on.
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