anyone want set times on my radio

raver baby

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iv just got a radio station setup. at the moment (this month) it can hold 25ppl @ 96kbps... if the mp3pro codec is used (on broadcast and the listener) it easily sounds as good as 128kbps,and if the listener hasnt got the codec installed,it just sounds like normal 96kbps

i want live sets as often as possible, and as iv only got one pair of hands, which are at work most of the time, id be quite happy for ppl to use my server.

just email me or add me on msn for server details and anything else u wanna know -

also, if anyones good at web pages and wud like to do a webpage for the station id be very grateful, as iv not had any experience creating web pages b4. - 96kbps *mp3pro*

catch me on anytime really. fri 6pm upwards. set times change depending on how mashed i am!

mp3PRO codec link:

**pls note. as far as iv tested, the mp3pro codec only works with winamp. wmp is not supported**

* - for all the 'simple' ppl out there! its pretty obvious its for winamp!