Anyone suggest a Genre/Style for my beats ???


May 23, 2009
Hey, just thought id share my productions with yall..

Big fan of DnB etc, and have somehow started to produce some music thats different to my normal stuff, and im really not sure if you would call it DnB.. so this is for those who know what they are on about

Check out

And listen to songs like

best in the world
and a few of the remixes to name a few..

thanks in advance!


Apr 24, 2009
LOL, wouldn't you feel more comfortable NOT being defined by a label? :D

I am not in the know - and there are far too many variants of D&B to be able to include/exclude your song into the label...

However: although there is some syncopation in your beats, I'd say that the lyrics and autotune effects, the relatively slow BMPS and the lack of a repetitive sub-bass ingrained in the actual beat means that your songs are not D&B BUT include some elements of D&B.

But again, take this with a pinch of salt coz I am a noob to and I am probably talking crap D&B! :D
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