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    C83 "when we were young" (en:vision recordings)

    Where were you in '89 the summer of love?

    To anyone who experienced the explosion of the UK rave scene in the late 80's, the long hot summer of '89 was that generations Woodstock.. And the musical and cultural aftershocks never stopped.

    Quite simply this era was the genesis of the myriad of dance music genres that have emerged since. As the Liz Melody vocal on this track states " When we were young, life was so simple and everything was new and exciting".. And that it was. Simple: because we didn't name and pigeonhole dance music with genres and sub genres back then. New and Exciting: because everyone was blazing a trail, taking influences from all types of music and fusing it with something that was bold and unchartered.

    When We Were Young is the new release from En:Vision recordings production duo C83 (Sam Gordon and Jon Guntrip). As fans of C83 will know, their sound is fresh, upfront breakbeat with future-bound production whilst capturing the classic vibe and simple grooves from back in the day. Rather than paying homage to just one sound, 'When We Were Young' brings together influences from many sources: Detroit style stabs, epic piano breakdown, lush end of the night strings and tearing jungle style amen drums.. all topped off with classy vocals from Liz Melody that will "have old ravers tearing themselves from the seats to give it one last heave to this..”

    As we start to leave the winter of 2009,C83 unleash a future classic that will be tearing up the dancefloors this summer. The summer of 09 is approaching, long live the summer of 89.


    DJ MAG


    not drum and bass but breaks
    i think this is gonna be big if u love old skool u will love this
    100% anthem track
    have a listen

    would u play this in your dnb set or just play it out

    views plz

    and dont u just love the cover :not_worth:not_worth