another 1 for ya... older one i did

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    DannyDONGLEGS- Abelton DNB Mix ( Breakin' Barriers)
    Milwaukee, WI

    97.9 MB 192 kbps 71:20min


    Dieselboy & Kaos feat. Messinian- Barrier Break (Infiltrata & Hochi Remix) (Human Imprint)
    Calyx- Are You Ready (Hive & Gridlok Remix) (Moving Shadow)
    --> C4C- Seawolf (C4C)
    The Upbeats feat. RymeTyme- Tonka (Bad Taste)
    Stratus- You Must Follow (Evol Intent VIP) (Human Imprint)
    Technical Itch & Kemal feat. MC Jakes- The Calling (EVOL&EWUN Remix) (Big Riddim)
    --> Black Sun Empire- Are You There (BSE)
    Nocturnal- Paralyzed (PRSPCT)
    Chase & Status- Duppy Man (Breakbeat KAOS)
    --> Black Sun Empire & Eye-D- Brain Freeze (BSE)
    Sparfunk & D-Code- The Apocalypse (Terrafunk)
    Future Prophecies- Bring the Noise (Subtitles)
    Prolix- Causation (Ganja-Tek)
    Noisia feat. Black Sun Empire- Hideous (BSE)
    --> Dieselboy- Subculture (The Upbeats Remix) (Human Imprint)
    Ewun- My Name is Fame (EVOL NTNT)
    Raiden- Pitbull Attack (Barcode)
    -->Dom&Roland- Trauma (Psidream Remix) (Renegade Hardware)
    Evol Intent feat.Blip- Flipside (Renegade Hardware)
    --> Dom&Roland- Paradrenasite (Hive Remix) (Moving Shadow)
    Visage- Fade to Grey (Noisia Remix) (LOVE)
    Concord Dawn- Broken Eyes (MetalHeadz)
    Muffler- Falling 2009 VIP (Big Riddim)
    Rawthang- Scorned (BSE)