Andy C & Shabba D One Nation 2005/6


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Jan 19, 2017
Hi, I've been trying to track down a set for ages. Was on my laptop then it died.

I'm sure it was one nation 2006, I had it in track form instead of one long set.

Its not this one from soundcloud:

Andy C & Mc Shabba D @ One Nation Official Carnival Afterparty The Brixton Academy - 28/8/2005 (I thought it may have been because of 20 mins in or so).

12-13 (I think!?) was Shy Fx & T Power, Feelings (Shabba with "are we ready, ready, ready, yes, yes, yes!) which then moved into the Jenna G classic In Love or soon there after.

Track 17 was Airplane mixed into Omin trio - renegade snares.

I lost this like 4 years ago, so I'm really sorry for my vague description. This was my favourite set and played it over and over. Then moved on to Global Gathering 2006. But always had a soft spot for the feelings/in love mix which wasn't on it. I'd love to find this set, it has a lot of sentimental value to me for the time it was fresh.

Hope the community can help!

Thanks very much in advance.
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