Amp and Speaker suggestions please.


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Aug 4, 2008
Basically, for the past six months I've been trying to beatmatch with the use of my pc speakers plugged into the headphone jack without headphone's and it's getting on ma hairy tit's.

So as it's getting close to christmas and I get my bonus what is the ideal amp and speakers I should be getting for my home will have around £500 - £600.

Any help would be great!



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Aug 5, 2008
Portsmouth, UK
Or go our and get something like a cambridge audio Azur 540a and some nice floor standing speakers, like Mordant Short 916is or Mezzo 6s, and an active sub...

Depends what you want thought really, just good reproduction for monitoring your mix, or a beefy hi fi (which will add it's own tone).
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