Amadeus Euro Tour 2009 ~ Full Blog Up!


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The full tour blog featuring my impressions of the tour, a ton of pics and a bunch of videos is now online in all it’s glory and splendor…Start reading below or go directly to view the full thing here. A big shout and thank you to all my european peoples for an incredible journey!

Friday – Nov 13th – Prague, Czech Republic

The tour kicked off with an early 8am / 5 hour train ride from Berlin to Prague. Since i received 3 double bookings on this tour and the promoters were not able to move the dates around, i had to cancel those three gigs and the tour was cut from 8 potential performances down to 5. Nonetheless i was excited to return to Prague, one of the highlights of my 2008 tour, and an all around amazingly beautiful and fun city to visit. Jan, the promoter, picked me up at the train station and we made our way to his place where his girlfriend Jarunka prepared a great meal and we chilled a bit. We were joined by another Jan, aka Flautistar, a real chill guy, who plays the flute and runs a recording studio downtown. Since Jan had to get to Club Matrix to start getting set up, Jarunka and Flauti took me to Prague Castle for a bit of sightseeing. The last time i was in Prague, i checked out the old city and the famous bridge, but had missed out on the castle so this was an opportunity to catch up. The castle is simply incredible! Towering architecture, small cobblestone side streets where vendors and craftsmen had their shops, dungeons and full on cathedrals inside the castle walls, transport you back to medieval times.