Altered Perception & Imprint - 'Ear Dis [Forthcoming Rogue Beatz]

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    Forthcoming on Lincoln based label Rogue Beatz. Running multiple labels and finding the time to create wicked tracks like this must be challenging, but somehow Altered Perception finds a way to manage. With releases on Celsius, Influenza, Rush, Delta9, Soul Deep, Syndrome, Nurtured Beatz and his own imprints Terabyte, Transmission and Alchemic Breaks, Altered Perception is no stranger to the drum and bass world. It seems with every release he flexes his production muscles and showcases the versatility he has become known for. The man can truly create any vibe he wishes. ''Ear Dis' sees him collaborate with his common partner in crime, Imprint. The duo have created a plethora of top-notch tracks together and this one is certainly no exception to the rule. Listening to this makes me want to hear it out on a huge system in some underground basement club. This one is menacingly large.

    Altered Perception:


    Rogue Beatz: