Alpha Omega - Analyze Dem/Bugz170

Alpha Omega opens the book on new label Forestry Service with a couple of smooth dubby bits of beat driven cunning. Analyze dem rolls with the breaks as a stealthy bassline creeps around just out of audio range of small speakers. The edits step on thick and fast pacing out the flow. Smooth and happy chords weave in and out of the mix as some elastic filtering is carried out on the drums. A very fluid track with plenty of happy vibes sure to propel the dancefloor through the night. The various elements of the track flow in and out of the mix to round things off nicely.

Buzgz 170 is a more edgey affair with plenty of bleeps and old skooly elements to keep you interested all the way through. The track kicks away through some sparse melodies pushing onward as the bass sneaks around underneath. The bass occasionally blasts away the opposition in true dark styles before getting back to it's syncopated groove. Plenty of good FX on the drums here as well which gives the track extra depth and floor potential. All in all another pair of quality tunes which'll only serve to reinforce AO's reputation.