All-Fanu Mix Volume 10 (Metalheadz, Lightless, SUBB1996 etc)


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[art by the trusted Lonekink as always]

Drum and bass friends, it's my pleasure to give you:
All-Fanu Mix Vol. 10 [free download via Soundcloud, and tracklist at the bottom of the post]

Phew – it's really the tenth mix in this series.
Maybe a celebratory beer is in order?

It all started on DOA with All-Fanu Mix Vol. 1 some 15 years ago, and that actually helped me gain a lot of visibility for my breakbeat-nerdery music.

I've always felt corny talking about my own music, but I'll say the older I get, the more proud (in a healthy way) I feel about being the breakbeat nerd that I am (to think of it, at some point I almost wanted to leave that style behind!), and in many ways the thanks for that goes to all you, my musical friends…your support and love for the stuff I do has been invaluable…so thank you.

This mix contains some of my recent work on my own label Lightless, also Straight-Up Breakbeat releases as well as Metalheadz ones as well as collabos.

A few more words and updates on my FB page if you want to go and have a read:

I hope you like the breaks!

Permanent Vacation (Straight Up Breakbeat)
12-bit (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Aura Eleven (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Octamen (Lightless)
Mystic Woods (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Never Meet Your Heroes [with Infader] (Lightless)
Prototype (Metalheadz)
Timetravels (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Black Label (Metalheadz)
Host [with Infader] (Lightless)
Wandan [with Infader] (Lightless)
Drums For Freedom (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Ritual In Time [feat. The Filthy Whitman] (Lightless)
Techstep Weed (Bandcamp exclusive)
Peyote Buttons Music : Love of my Life [Fanu remix]