All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11…breakbeats overload (Metalheadz, Slug Wife, SUBB…)


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Nov 22, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, fans of breakbeat music:
All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11 is out now.

Making one of these is always a small moment of victory: after making music for 30 years, it's not necessarily super easy to make stuff that you really want to have people hear and which hasn't been heard a 1000 times already.
It's 160-170 BPM jungle, so if you like that or have never heard my music, see if you dig it.
Most of this stuff has been released (Metalheadz, SUBB, Mechanical, Slug Wife, Make Or Break), and there's two unreleased things in the mix, too.
Hope you like it.

"Your drums are always so full of texture"

-Amon Tobin
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