Affliction Tracks 2000 - 2001

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    Oct 31, 2002
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    while having a bit of a general tidy up & sort out at home i chanced across a really *really* old CD with some of my earliest dnb tracks on! They're all a bit shit but i thought i'd upload them just for laughs... including my first ever dnb track :gaywhite:

    I don't even rememeber the titles of 2 of these

    Hifi Stream Track 1 my FIRST EVER dnb track
    lofi stream Track 1

    Hifi stream track 2
    Lofi stream track 2

    Hifi stream Hyperventilate (Clownstep shocker from 2001)
    Lofi stream Hyperventilate

    Not looking for feedback, pisstakes & insults welcome

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