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    Fresh from the release of his 'Bring It Back' EP on Fokuz, HumaNature provides this half hour aural treat. The EP can be purchased using the link below.

    HumaNature, Silence Groove & Skeletone - Sparkling Orb
    Zero T - Roxy Music
    Dave Owen - Jukin n' Jivin (ft. Impression & Anita Magenta)
    Command Strange - U Can't Touch This
    Sirka - Someone
    Calibre - Under Bars
    Zero T - Refusal (ft. Steo) (Alix Perez Remix)
    Logistics - Sentimentality
    The Vanguard Project - All That I Need (ft. Pat Fulgoni)
    HumaNature - No Shame
    Chromatic - Found You
    Alix Perez - Playing Games (ft. D.Ablo)
    Halogenix - Raya
    HumaNature - Bring It Back

    'Bring It Back' EP: