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names changed, happy days
Hey All,

After entering the Ram & Sundown Comp (basically my favourite label and back yard festival) and receiving more support than anticipated, my buzz for mixing has returned somewhat.

To cut a long story short, I've been playing in the clubs since I was 15 thanks to my big bro being a promoter and I have always been a part of the scene in East Anglia from playing and promoting to producing and hosting radio shows.

As much as he loved my entry for said comp (he would say that though surely...) he couldn't really spin it at work without having the ever increasing urge to double drop a couple of doves and start raving infront of his Makita... so.... here's a softer selection I whipped together... tracklist below... I hope you enjoy



Bensley - Manta
>> Culture Shock featuring Bryn Christopher - City Lights (Fire Edit)
Spectrasoul featuring Lily McKenzie - Shelter (VIP)
dBridge - True Romance
Wilkinson - Afterglow
High Contrast featuring Diane Charlamagne - If We Ever
Chase & Status - Take Me Away
Eric Prydz - Niton (Sigma Remix)
Bcee featuring S.P.Y - Is Anybody Out There? (Friction & KTee Remix)
Frankee featuring Caan - Deep Down
Mind Vortex featuring Daniela - Stand High
Culture Shock - I Remember
The Prototypes featuring Amy Pearson - Don't Let Me Go
Commix - Be True
Calyx & Teebee - Long Gone
Riya featuring Dynamite MC, Villem & Mcleod - Fear Bites
Netsky - Rio (Dj Marky Remix)
A Sides & Makoto - Breathe
Wilkinson - Higher
Commix - Painted Smile
Loadstar - Stepped Outside
Subwave - Bring Me Down
Rudimental featuring Foxes - Right Here (Andy C Remix)
Heavy 1 - Xiphactinus (Lenzman Remix)
Bcee - Come and Join Us
Cyantific featuring Benji - Colour In The Shadows
>> Culture Shock featuring Bryn Christopher - City Lights (Fire Edit)

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Checked this one out Fire. Thought it was a solid mix. Liked how u started out with fire a fitting intro. Swear true romance works with anything...I say it all the time. I thought the trak list was an interesting blend of tunes. Every time I thought it was getting a little bit commercial so to speak u brought it back in. I'm by far not the best dj in the world so u can take my feedback however you want but when your playing these kind of tunes being in key can really make the difference. Also I would try to watch the vocal clashes but I'm a stickler for those.
Ez and I will give your ram comp mix a spin at some point.


names changed, happy days
Nice one for the feedback! Always appreciate an honest opinion.

My bro is a bit of a stickler for the commercial vibe and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I enjoy a catchy pop hook so thought I'd whip it up for the summer... Goes down pretty well with a case of beers and a bbq :2thumbs:

I have to admit its not my favored style though... the Ram one was pretty much me through and through so let us know whether your feeling it