A.I. Blind Eye WTF? Stop holding out V!

What the hell ever happened to this tune?? How about their album for fucks sake :confused:
Seriously man what's the deal?! The only thing I hate in general about big tunes is the wait, the freakin' wait! AHHHH!!!:ban:
Seems like the bigger the tune, the longer the wait. It would almost be easier if I didn't even care at all. So much easier if I didn't listen to all of the radio shows and try to keep in touch with the new Sickness that's forthcoming.
I really can't seem to listen to anything other than DnB these days, therefore I absolutely crave the "abuse-ability" of the new newness! I've even made clips of tracks off radio shows to make it easier to abuse a dubplate. Sad, sad world. Sorry I went off on a rant there.
Back on topic, a Shining example of this would have to be the self titled album from Subfocus.
-First off, I BUY DnB! I know it's hard to image for some of you out there. I'm not an advocate of stealing new releases. These guys work hard and deserve to be paid for it!
Back on..Anyways the album from Subfocus was hyped up several YEARS before it's actual release. I was over most of the tracks long before the album ever came out thus I did NOT buy it and have no intention of doing so. *Sigh* Sorry if I have offended anyone, off on a rant..
Back to A.I. Again what's the deal? ARGH!
I try so hard to stay connected to the scene, although I must say it is difficult from Phoenix, Arizona. DnB scene out here is horrid, and by horrid I absolutely mean one of the worst "scenes". For real, I've been other places and didn't know such a good DnB scene could exist in the States, thanks to my home state of AZ :rolleyes:
Guess I'll have to move to London some day for the real deal :D
But until then I guess Denver, Colorado will have to work. Sorry this was a long one, just had to get that all out. Most of my friends out here could give two shits about DnB, I guess it's just nice to have people who care, listen..or read for that matter
-Fisher, out
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good things come to those who wait!
i feel ur pain tho fisher price! some tunes take far too long to make it to my record box!


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i don't think i've ever typed out what they were exactly thinking, you can see your mind jumping around haha!

but yeah i feel for you, i can imagine it must be a bit tricky trapped out there