a french lebanese full metal alchemist

Hello everyone

today is the 21th of october

although I have lots of friends, I'm sick and tired of not finding anyone in my life who listen to dnb, hardcore, oldskool dnb.. so I decided to type 'drum and bass forum' on google and here am I

Let me present myself then, I'm a french (originially lebanese) medicine student, 1m75 who loves food, video games, music, parties and women. a classic guy who loves life. oh yea and, I'm bald. My dad started losing its hair pretty early, so god decided that I must lose it even earlier. what I hate the most ? Cats. I can't stand how everyone find them lovely. All they do is pee, shit and eat. I mean, they are not even loyal like dogs, no. They will turn you down for the first person who will give them some eatable junk. fuck. And for me loyalty is crucial. cats are not loyal, and they aren't crucial.

So to get back to music, I'm starting to produce some drum & bass myself, so I'd like to find some people who could tell me how to progress and make better stuff. Or even better, maybe do some collabs and exchange advices. I use Fl studio coupled with Massive to produce basslines. I think I understand fl studio a little so I'd be glad to help anyone with the basics
(compressing sounds, sidechaining, making good snares/kicks/hats, making automations, making automations for massive, oh yea and wobble making on massive is also one of my specialities even though we don't use wobbles alot in dnb)

Don't hesitate to send me a message if you like to keep in touch, exchange some playlists, artists and track names, or to talk about music in general.

here's the last track I've made http://soundcloud.com/wantac/homonculus-drum-bass
along with it a nice hardcore/dnb mix I just done for a french radio http://soundcloud.com/wantac/hardtek-dnb-october-mix

I hope you like them, don't hesitate also to write me on soundcloud if you need to point anything

I'll be lurking this forum whenever I have time

see you all around and good day