9 Soulful DnB Mixes perfect for Summer. T/L & D/L Inside

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    1-Treasure Towers
    3-Take my soul baby
    4-Future's call feat MC Conrad
    5-Music never lets me down
    6-You make me feel
    9-Your divine

    1-Makoto & Marky- Secret Place
    2-Root Soul Feat Vanessa Freeman- It's The Way(Makoto Remix)
    3-Makoto & Greg Packer- Heat Wave
    4-Makoto & Vice Versa- Days Gone By
    5-Makoto &Marky- Impulse
    6-Makoto- And I Love Her
    7-Makoto & Marky- Long Distance
    8-Makoto- Good Old Days
    9-Makoto- Sentimental Moods
    10-Makoto & Greg Packer- Science Fiction
    11-Marky & XRS- Moments Of Lust(Makoto Remix)
    12-Michael Jackson- Human Nature-(Makoto & Specialist Remix)

    1-Craggz & Parallel Forces- Love Insane
    2-Blue Sonix- Luv Me (Logistics Remix)
    3-Artificial Intelligence- Moving On
    4-Artificial Intelligence- Rise & Shine(C&PF Remix)
    5-Total Science Feat MC Conrad- Up In Smoke
    7-Artificial Intelligence- Silicon Valley
    8-Calibre- Twister
    9-Danism- Come To You(NuTone Remix)
    10-High Contrast- Make It Tonight
    11-Marky & Xrs- Real Good
    12-Commix- I'll Take You There

    1-Brother-Say It Loud
    2-Blue Motion-Oh Baby
    3-DJ Die & Ben Westbeech-Reason Why
    4-Quantyze/Gry8 & Clart-In Between
    5-Technicolour-Lights(Komatic remix)
    6-Phors-In Between
    7-Godarm & Acma-Bluetone(Makoto remix)
    8-Blue Motion & Grimm-There She Goes
    9- Makoto & Deeizm-Release The Bird
    10-Sks & Kush-Foolish Heart
    11-Kasio- Bad Dayze
    12-Tidal-Queen Eyes Hazel Green
    13-Lenzman featuring Riya-Open Page

    1-Blade & Jrumhand-Miles Groove
    2-Msdos & Steez-Levos Journey
    3-SoulTec & Blade-It's Jazz
    4-dRamatic & dbAudio-Tears
    5-Msdos & Steez-Merge Equiptment
    6-Msdos,MJT & Subsid-Two Dreams Met
    7-SoulTec-Add The Funk
    8-Basic Operations-Song
    9-dRamatic & dbAudio-One Nation
    10-dRamatic & dbAudio-Life Console
    11-Gil Scott Heron-Me & The Devil(Utah Jazz Remix)
    12-Msdos & Steez-Passenger 7
    13-Command Strange-Thinking

    1-Blue Motion & Grimm- Where Have You Been
    2-Marky & S.P.Y Feat Miri- Days Go Slow(Makoto remix)
    3-Lenzman- Ice Cold Soul
    4-Basic Operations- French Quarter
    5-Marky & Makoto- Secret Place(Randon Movement remix)
    6-Blade & SoulTec- Free
    7-Adele- Turning Tables(Blade remix)
    8-Paul SG & Eros- Cape Hope
    9-Blade & SoulTec-Grey Area
    10-Blade- Losing Him

    1-JrumHand- Jribs & Jrabs
    2-DuoScience- Simple Life
    3-Blade & SoulTec-Acid Jazz
    4-JrumHand- PianoForte
    5-Paul SG & Jay Rome- Ocean Drive
    6-JrumHand- Gamble Of Life
    7-Andy Sim & SoulTec- Beautiful dilemma
    8-JrumHand- Ice & Lemon
    9-JrumHand- Chance
    10-Notion- Be Your Lover
    11-Pulsaar- Summer Tales
    12-Blade & SoulTec- Too Many Days In Between
    13-DuoScience- Change

    1-Kjell-Lincoln Place
    2-Soultec & MSDOS-Cosmic Expression
    3-Jrumhand-Chapter & Verse
    4-Mr Joseph-Coming Home
    5-dRamtic & dbAudio-The Green Box
    6-Technicolour & Komatic-Those Feelings
    7-Blade & Soultec-Boards of Canada
    8-Paul SG-Sun Goes Down
    9-Marky & S.P.Y-Yellow Shoes
    10-dRamtic & dbAudio-Rolling Times
    11-Big Bud-Feeling Inside
    12-Jill Scott-He Loves Me(Soultec & Bpro Booty)
    13-dRamtic & dbAudio-Subtle Shaking
    14-Big Bud-Lady Sing In Blues
    15-Soultec & MSDOS-French Connection
    16-Mr Joseph-Chop Sticks

    1-Mike Dunn- God Made Me Phunky
    2-Jon Cutler Feat E-Man- It's Yours
    3-Phunkie Souls- Tha Music
    4-Marc Evans- Tonights The Night(MuthaFunkaz Mix)
    5-DJ Spen Presents DJ Technic- Gabryelle
    6-Dj Spen & The Muthafunkaz Present Marc Evans- Given Me Joy
    7-Sandy Rivera Feat LT Brown- Come Into My Room
    8-DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz Feat Ann Nesby- It's So Easy
    9-Big Bang Theory- God Child
    10-Nuyorican Soul Feat Jocelyn Brown- It's Alright,I Feel It(Mood 2 Swing Mix)
    11-Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallman Feat Laquana Jones- We Gonna Make It(DJ Spen Mix)
    12-Marc Evans- I Don't Want You Anymore
    13-Jamie Lewis Feat Michael Watford- It's Over
    14-Chris Lake Feat Laura V- Changes
    15-Kings Of Tomorrow- Finally
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