(9-14-04) Tonight, Derelicts of Tomorrow live on www.scratchnspin.co.uk

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    (9-14-04) Tonight, Derelicts of Tomorrow live on www.scratchnspin.co.uk

    Origin Radio
    edition no.17

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    Sup urrbody,
    On this weeks show we've got more D&B goodness than you can shake a stick at. Shilow and myself, Scandal, will be holding down the 1's & 2's all night for another residents installment of Origin Radio. Good shit fer sher, bOh!!!

    Lineup 9-14-04
    7:00pm-10:00pm EST :: Derelicts of Tomorrow (aka
    Scandal & Shilow)
    10:00pm-??? EST :: Drunk-step afterhours

    TUNE IN: http://www.scratchnspin.net/

    CHAT: http://www.scratchnspin.net/chat

    AIM: OriginRadio

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    10.5.04 – DJ LANTERN vs. TBA
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    11.2.04 – NONCHALANT

    Brian / Scandal

    Upcoming Performances:
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