7 Year Itch EP...coming soon...Taciturn Records

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    ::7 YEAR ITCH EP:: brought to you by TACITURN RECORDS::


    Winter / 7 Year Itch / Taciturn Records - combines 10 years of experience of drum and bass, moving crowds in NYC and all along the East Coast. These 5 tracks are a tribute to good times on the dancefloor & movements in the darkness...

    {Come Apart} finding and losing yourself on the dance floor...

    {Embracer} letting the beauty of the darkness take you in...

    {Therapy} movement, passion, fun...and a little dirty...

    {Starry} capturing the mood of night on the streets of Berlin

    {Embracer Remix by Feindsoul} an added bonus - reinterpreted by Berlin's finest!

    .:Available on Juno.co.uk : June 2nd:.