60 drum and bass tunes for sale £140 the lot, need quick sale

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    Aug 1, 2005
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    I have 65 drum and bass/ jungle tunes for sale mainly from 1997 to 2001.
    Lots of classics including:

    No Reality/Funkstation - Andy C
    Hype the funk/ bigtime - EPS & 2 Vibe
    Killa Bees (Konflict Remix) -Usual Suspects
    Hi Tek Mission - Mampi Swift
    Mayday (remix) - DJ Rap
    Twist em out- Dilinja
    Play The Game- Tru Playaz
    The Code/fugitive - Absolute Zero (renegade hardware)
    I got 5 on it (urban takeover mix) -Luniz
    Evolution/Mindscan- Ram trilogy
    No Reality/scanners- Ram trilogy chapter 1
    New Frontiers EP- Ganja Cru
    Warhead (steppa mix)- Krust
    Snapshot -Roni Size
    Super sharp shooter EP - Hype
    The Beginning EP- Moving fusion
    Planet V (album) includes Adam F -Brand new funk, Strictly social-Roni size.
    Also some white labels and various discs from albums.
    Need a quick sale £140 the lot, price is negotiable.
    If interested or would like full list email me at: info@blockednozzle.co.uk