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Oct 25, 2008

San Francisco's DZ has been destroying the dance across the globe and releasing tunes with big, bad basslines. His sound is self described as “B-Boy swagger with Rave sensibilities”. He is next up in our 5 Questions segment!

5 questions functions as an interactive interview - you post questions, we pick the best ones and the artist answers them directly!

You can post your questions here and we'll pick the top 5 to ask DZ on Friday, October 31st.

From his MySpace:

He currently has releases on & forthcomings from Scuba, Black Acre, LoDubs, OffRoad, True Tiger, Aufect, Slit Jockey, Dubkraft, Dubstep Division, Mugswell Bill, RogueDubs, Middle School, Rottun & Bass Tourist, and has just finished a special promotional rmx of Jokers of the Scene’s “Baggy Bottom Boys” forthcoming on Fool’s Gold Records which is bound to garner him alot of attention from a much wider audience going into 2009. As 2008 wraps up, DZ has seen his track “Down” in the top 10 downloads of the Beatport Dubstep section over the last 10 weeks (as of 13/ 10/08), with 4 of those weeks in a row occupying the number one position. Last but not least, his own imprint (Badman Press Recordings) is soon to drop distributed through Nu-Urban, with the 001 being the long-awaited "Break It Down" and the straight up party bit "How We Do". Where he finds the time to breathe is a kind of mystery, and if you ask anyone that knows him, they will most likely tell you that he is really a machine from another planet. He probably is.


DZ MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/theevolvers
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