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    Welcome to the latest edition of the 36 Hertz agency newsletters!
    We thought it’s about time to update you with the latest news and FREE mixes from the 36th hertz agency artist.
    At the end of this newsletter you’ll find our full rosta, including the agency’s contact details if you’d like to contact us to book any of our artists.



    Bladerunner has been a busy man this summer dropping a mix CD for the July/August edition of ATM magazine, as well a vinyl release ‘Back to the jungle’ and collaborating with Serum for the flipside ‘Who Jah Bless’ on the highly acclaimed label Critical Music.
    On top of this legendary label ‘Formation Records’ has just released a Bladerunner remix of the classic track ‘Black’ by DJ SS.

    With an EP and the mix CD “Analog Bass” forthcoming on Ray Keith’s ‘Dread Recordings’, Bladerunner is one man who hasn’t had time to enjoy this summers weather.


    DJ Vapour

    After a quiet period 36Hertz head honcho DJ Vapour is about to burst back with a remix of Babylon timewarps vintage track "Durban poison" dropping soon on 36 hertz (36HTZ008).

    This will be followed up with his highly anticipated debut LP which is due out for October / November this year also out on 36 hertz. Having recently signed the Jungle Drummer to 36 hertz on an album deal DJ Vapour will be busy producing this album alongside D&B’s legendary drummer.

    Tour date enquiries are now being taken DJ Vapour performances will now be strictly on three decks.

    DJ Vapour July 3 deck studio mix:

    1 – Tom and Jerry – all of my (Aries remix) – cdr
    >> – DJ Madd – Dancers riddem – 36 Hertz
    2 – Jaydan – She gives me love – cdr
    3 – Lutin – Untitled gully ting – cdr
    4 – Asylem – da bass 2 dark – Metalheadz
    5 – Hades – the break – 36 Hertz
    6 – Alex Reece – basic principles (commix remix) – Soundcloud
    7 – Dillinja – threashold – Prototype
    8 – Skitty – Jigga – 36 Hertz test press
    9 – Lighterman – egg fried rice – cdr
    10 – Total science & Spy – legion – Metalheadz
    11 – Ray Keith – warrior queen – cdr
    12 – Capone – friday – Hardleaders
    13 – Diamond geeza – dead in ya – cdr
    14 – Jayline – the music maker – cdr
    15 – Firefox – out of order – cdr
    16 – Lutin – u R not the 1 – 36 hertz test press
    17 – DJ Vapour & Soul Intent – crazy life – cdr
    >> Ram trilogy – titan
    18 – Hatrius – spaced invader (j majik remix) – Defected
    >> Jonny l – wish you had something remix – XL recordings


    Dont forget DJ Vapour’s Old Skool Jungle mix:

    1 – Bizzy B – Murder style – Planet Mu
    2 – C biz – Croud says rewind (Scum n bass mix) -Big city
    3 – Sub sequence – Music is the vibe – Too’z up
    4 – Hidden agenda – Is it love – Metalheadz
    5 – ??? – ??? – Hotsteppers Vol 1
    6 – Dillinja – Got to – Prototype
    7 – Deadly D – Listen dis – Flex
    8 – DJ Buz – Slave – No u turn
    9 – Three disciples – Gwarn – Flex
    10 – Babylon timewarp – Durban poison – Sublogic
    11 – FBD project – Breakin up – White
    12 – DJ Die and roni size – 11.55 (roll out mix) – Full cycle
    13 – D cruze – Lonely – Sub base
    14 – Phaze 3 and Klass A – Artificial reality – State of the art




    We are proud to announce Skitty onto the agency, Wolverhampton's Skitty has been producing drum & bass since 2001 and has had tracks out on established labels such as Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Cylon, Bassbin and Architecture. He's now taking things into his own hands by launching his own label ‘Foundation X’.
    He also has been getting major support from Kiss fm’s Dj Hype for the 36hertz release ‘Jigga’.

    Studio mix


    Skitty - Jigga - 36 Hertz


    Foundation X Records

    Release Date Monday 26th July
    CAT No:FDX 001
    A.Skitty - Bodyguard - Foundation X

    AA.Skitty - Brix 81 - Foundation X

    Also available is a digital only e.p featuring 5 tracks from label manager Skitty.


    A."Bad It Up"

    B."Fire Town"

    C."3rd World"

    D."Ya Rude"

    E."Wild West"


    Soul intent

    With new material in the shops now in the form of ‘Be Strong/Point Pleasant’ Samurai Music and ‘The Funky Creeper/Sax Me’ Influence records. Soul intent has been keeping his release schedule busy through the summer, he also has studio projects lined up with DJ Vapour, Doc Scott, Eveson and Joe Insiders, keep your ears to the ground for more.

    Be Strong video Links:

    Podcast Mix

    Latest "Future Proof Podcast" podcast (featuring interview and mix with DJ Vapour)


    Podcasts now available on iTunes under “Soul intent Future Proof”

    Out soon...

    Soul Intent - Rebel Music/Cybergroove out end of August on Mac II...FEATURED ON PENDULUMS RADIO 1 ESSENTIAL MIX

    Soul Intent - Vapour Trailz/A.I - 31 Records



    A new name to many of you but this collective have been receiving support from the likes of Sappo, L-Double, Bailey and Crissy Cris with their tracks also creeping into BBC Radio 1 sets hosted by Nihal and more recently Ras Kwame. With a eagerly anticapted release on 36 hertz. With projects working with Garage/Dub-step pioneer Zed Bias and original Junglist Peter Bouncer this duo is one to look out for.

    Having earned their stripes in the north west of England playing at all the big clubs nights including the Legendary Warehouse project, APE at the Manchester Apollo along with the well -renowned Platoon, Hit + Run, Religion and Ohmygod, this outfit have the skills to smash any sound system.

    Studio mix



    DJ Chef

    With the extinction of the club DJ over the last ten years, DJ Chef breaks the mould with over two decades of club and radio experience under his belt. His diverse range of music can take you from impact double dropping danceflloor sets to a journey through the liquid wonderland, a DJ for any occasion. Legendary foundation radio station Kool FM is where you can catch DJ Chef hosting two regular weekly shows where he has bought up such names as Ray Keith, A Sides, Patife, Cleveland Watkiss, MC Singing Fats, MC AD, MC Flux, Heist, HLZ, EPOC LIVE, Sigma (DJ Wooz), Craggs and Parallel, DJ Vapour & Jem One, Redeyes, Zero T, Soul Intent, and Serum.

    With the launch of his own imprint in 2007 Caution Recordings, Chef has nurtured talent from around the globe including HLZ (Need for mirrors) Crix, Serious Intent, Certain criteria, Deeroy and Smoksta. With studio projects underway with HLZ, Souljah, Danny Anger and Singing Fats, Chef is about to make his mark in a different way. As well as this DJ Chef is an essential part of the backroom staff for MC Rages Rock and Road band ‘ Inner city Dwellers’.

    Summer mix




    Bladerunner - 36 Hertz
, Dread Recordings, Creative Source, Critical Recordings, Grid, Formation Records

    Dawnraid – 36 Hertz, Advisory, Royal Dub, Hammer records.

    Dj Chef – Caution Recordings, Kool FM, Rock n Road, Monday Club

    Dj Vapour - 36 hertz, 31 Records, Metalheadz, Dread
, Intasound, C.I.A, Critical Recordings, Inneractive Music

    Hades - 36 Hertz, Rapture

    HLZ - 36 Hertz , Liquid V, Chronic, Timeless, Caution Recordings, Nu Directions

    Dj Lutin – 36 Hertz, Bingo beats, Uprising Records, XXX, and Function

    Skitty - 36 Hertz , Foundation X, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Subtitles, Bassbin, Horizon Music, Scientific Wax, Defcom

    Soul intent - 36 Hertz, 31 Records, Mac 2 Recordings, Samurai Music, Vampire Records

    Mc Fozz – Metalheadz, Breakthru

    To book any of the artists or for a informal chat please contact us via-

    email :
tel : +44 (0) 7896799340

    AOL instant messenger: emtek36thagency