320' mp3s by Destination Unknown [T-FREE-3EP006]

T-FREE-3EP006 comes from Destination Unknown:

Destination Unknown existed as a Producer/DJ Team between 2003 and 2005,
with members Insanity, Deadline and Bass Tikal.
After some years of producing Breakbeat/Jungle, a release on Knite Force
and on his own label Reanimation and after having deejayed on several big
events like One Nation Germany, Dreamland, One Love and Rheinkultur Cologne,
Insanity started to produce Drum N Bass and teamed up in the end of 2003
with his friend Deadline who had already been producing Techno before,
to form the duo Destination Unknown.
They hooked up with other producers and DJs very fast and were known all
over Germany. Hannover's very own DJ Bass Tikal was so confident about
their production that he joined Destination Unknown and played his gigs
under this name in 2004. They started their own label Incubation Records,
but the project stopped after it's first release.
In 2005 Deadline focussed on his study and Bass Tikal started his label
Phunkfiction, while Insanity spent more and more time alone in his studio.
He decided to produce on his own and finally changed his name to Dementia.
At the moment he is doing a few collaborations with producers like Pyro,
D-Struct (Robot Death Squad/Identity), Catacomb and the NME Click.
In April 2006 the "No Escape" Remix by Bad Robot has been released as mp3
on Shadybrain - see www.shadybrain.net - and the yet unreleased tunes by
Destination Unknown are finally published on T-FREE.

As usual, everybody is free to download, share and mix these tunes,
and share mixes with these tunes in them, as long as no profit is made,
the tunes don't get altered and artists and titles are mentioned correctly.


complete rar-archive with photos of Destination Unknown
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-FREE-3EP006.rar

--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-FREE-3EP006.txt

Destination Unknown - "Coordinates" ( 06:23 min mp3 320 kbps, 14.9 mb)
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-FREE-3EP006_1__Destination_Unknown_-Coordinates.mp3

Destination Unknown - "No Escape" VIP ( 06:11 min mp3 320 kbps, 14.5 mb)
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-FREE-3EP006_2__Destination_Unknown_-No_Escape__VIP.mp3

Destination Unknown - "Never Forget" (320 kbps - 06:35 min mp3 - 15.4 mb)
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-FREE-3EP006_3__Destination_Unknown_-Never_Forget.mp3

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