3 decks with Traktor Audio 6

Hey guys!

Don't know if everybody knows that already - at least I didn't knew that for a long time.
After mixing with Traktor and the Audio 6 on Timecode-Vinyl for a while, I recognised a way to mix on 3 decks with the Audio 6 Setup. Normally you use this soundcard for 2 deck-mixing but you actually have a third in- and output (Master In & Out) which you can use as well... to control 3 decks in Traktor.

The third Input has to be at Line-Level. So either you use a CDJ (what I do) or a phono-preamp for a third turntable.

I always thought you need a Audio 10 for 3 deck-mixing and I've never seen or heard anyone doing this with the 6 so I thought that maybe some people don't know that. It seems pretty obvious if you think about it but as I said, I didn't knew that for a long time ;)

Just wanted to share this piece of information with you.