25th Century Mixa Feat. ZooBee MC from Social Security- Comin' FRIDAY! Nov 16th!

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    What up guys! This is DJ Lynk from Sound Control. This is a free cd Feat. 4 decks, 3mixers, 2 Djs, 1 MC (Special MC guest- ZooBee MC from Social Security(UK)) and 44bangin tracks. Since it's free, and a lot of you obviously don't live in Los Angeles we will be putting it up here and all other major forums for you all to download. But for now here is the cover and track id to give you an idea of what this is all about!
    Big ups to all my junglists and electronic music junkis worlwide. Hit me up if you have any questions or would like an actualy copy of the CD sent to your home/ work/ school. Below the pics is our statement. Please read it to really understand what this CD is about and why we did it the way we did.
    A while back I was sitting in my room fresh home from work, I went right into my normal routine, fired up the decks and began to get a little practice session. I thought to myself in the middle of one of my mixes “man, if I just had one more arm I could really spin the way I want and feel". It began frustrating me because I felt in a sense that I was stuck. I was learning all I could about djing but just felt like there was more I could and should be doing. That’s when AdamAntium and I decided to take djing to the next level. He and I believe in full that when someone is spinning it should be just as great as seeing your favorite band play your favorite song live. I’ve seen too many djs look bored behind the decks and it kills the vibe. So we started messing around with the idea of more decks, more mixers, and more djs spinning all at the same time. This is when SoundControl was born. SoundControl isn’t about fitting as many tracks as possible on one cd, it’s about pushing ourselves mentally, it’s about the show, it’s about being more interactive with the crowd and actually making the paying customers saying “that was amazing.” It’s about bringing everyone in the room together, it’s about re-inventing what we know as a dj performance. Our goal/mission, is to be greater live then anything else, and hopefully our new cd will lay the foundation for a new breed of DJ’s. So with all this said, make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for SoundControls first cd release feat. the talent of ZooBee MC from Social Security. The release will be on the 16th of November (Friday). The three of us look forward to taking all of you into the 25th Century! The wait is over.