2 pac - the lost scriptures


May 4, 2009
Anybody know if theirs an offical release date for this yet? I know its meant to be out this year just dont no when.

2Pac's 2009 album - The Lost Scriptures

The Lost Scriptures (Title subject to change) will be a posthumous studio album from the late hip hop icon Tupac Shakur containing previously unreleased songs scheduled for release in 2009
Studio album by 2Pac
Released TBA
Genre Hip-hop

Album information

The album will be released by the new owner of Gangsta rap label Death Row Records after founder Suge Knight filed for bankruptcy[2] after being hit with a $100 million judgment in a lawsuit brought by Lydia Harris who claims she was instrumental in the founding of the record label.

It will contain material recorded before the rapper's demise. Songs will be left in their original form unlike previous posthumous albums where the songs have been heavily remixed by various producers.

The master recordings will be selected from a list given by the Death Row Records Trustees also known as the Option Album, the remaining master recordings being returned to Amaru Entertainment.

Confirmed songs

- Watch Ya Mouth
- Let's Get It On
- My Only Fear Of Death
- He vs She
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