2 89-93 Old skool mixes


Mar 25, 2006
1. Noise Overload Right Here Right now Global Dance
2. N.R.G The Real Hardcore Chill
3. Manix remix Oblivion Reinforced
4. Chris Energy Tribal communication HNR
5. Bad Man convention When U Hold Me HNR
6. The Criminal Minds Presence White House
7. Order 2 move Face the Future Boogie Beat
8. The Psychopaths Beats + culture Elicit
9. Automation pink ep Hey Hey Automation
10.Sudden Def Give it to me Reinforced
11.Manix remix I want U Reinforced
12.Sudden Def Fall like rain Reinforced
13.Underground software Music Maker Posse Reinforced
14.Trance 4 Mist your Love Boogie Beat
15.Sudden Def Let it Hit dem Reinforced


1. A Guy called Gerald Voodoo Ray Rham
2. Body Base Frequency void attack Body Base
3. Body Base Blow your brain Body Base
4. Liquid show me a sign XL
5. Tribal instincts coming on strong Orbit
6. DJ P C Insomniac Bite records
7. Cheeba Wizard Do u think this is an Oz Hum
8. Lords of Acid Take control Complete Kaos
9. Second Phase Mentasm R + S
10. DJ Space Countdown Jumpin + Pumpin
11. K.C.C State of Mind High Note
12. Messiah 20,000 Hardcore members Kickin


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