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    yo new to this fourm, only been mixing about a year now, my name isnt really djwilly lol i have no name yet, done a couple of 3 deck mixes since i got my new mixer and turntable for birthday,

    one is more jump up : http://dnbshare.com/download/3deckjumpupmix.mp3.html

    this one a bit more variety : http://dnbshare.com/download/3deckmix.wma.html

    gimmie feedback, peace.x

    jump up mix:
    Subfoucs- could this be real (remix)
    noisia ft foriegn beggars- contact
    Os- therapy
    taxman- harrys revenge
    pleasure- weapons of power
    dj sly- twilight (majistrate remix)
    Crystal clear- man with no name
    jaydan- king of miami vip
    taxman- evasion 2008
    drumsound and bassline smith - welcome to the jungle (tantrum desire remix)
    Majistrate - spiderman
    heist and sensai - interrogate
    Os - 8 fig bass
    >> jaydan - the shadows
    jaydan - fear factory
    harvest - the banker
    the force - the story
    OS- dont b silly
    >> serum- go for yours
    drumsound and bassline - cape fear ( tantrum desire remix )
    >>D*minds - thief
    sensai - heart of dawn ( forgot to turn filter off lol )
    jaydan - driller killer
    heist - rip you to shredz
    >> interface - get lo
    Taxman - drunken fool
    jaydan - ghetto
    sensai - nexus
    Os - overfiend
    calyx and tebee - the quest (break rmx)
    lynx - disco dodo
    dr dub - affraid
    os - dr feels good
    hazard - busted

    J majik and wickaman - feel about you (os rmx)
    >> if we ever- high contrast
    jaydan - driller killer
    die and break - clear skyz
    >> dillinja - lovechild
    BCUK- planet dust
    interface - get lo
    icicle & nymfo - franky mountain
    alex perez - down the line (breakrmx)
    break - last chance
    subfocus- deep space
    >>jaydan - something for the mandem
    dillinja- shiners
    chase and satus- brazil
    D*minds-ho bass
    Xample , lomax - the latter
    os - 8 fig bass
    >> jaydan - the shadows
    lomax - jungle fx
    break- retech
    noisia- stigma
    BCUK- fourdays
    break- is this what you want
    >> os- dont b silly