1992 - Hypnosis Motivation (09/22/05)


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Another long sat on mix. This one was inspired by this Tompson Twins fan site. This guy knew everything about the Tompson Twins just about. He was even able to tell me about the "Play with me jane" track that was used in the opening credits to Cool World.

I made this 1988-1992 House Music mix after a few email communications with that person. I was going to send it to him after I was finsished but I forgot and I never really liked this mix much anyway as there was a mistake that I coudln't even erase with Acid Pro. I've listened to this mix more recently and its not that bad, its pretty good even with that one annoying error that I tried to cover up like Carl Craig does all over his DJ Kicks CD.

Some raunchy lyrics in some tracks half way through, esp in the Blue Pearl track... you've been warned.

Tracklist (as best I can remember it)

01). Tompson Twins "Come Inside (Feedback Max Remix)"
02). Razer Boy & Mirror Man "The Cutter" (Rabbit City Records)
03). Frankie Bones "Bones Breaks vol.???"
04). Tricky Disco "Tricky Disco" (WARP Records)
05). LT Bukem "????"
06). Midi Rain "Shine (Pierre's Chicago House Mix)" (Vinyl Solution)
07). This was on a Brooklyn record label.... Seige or something...?
08). New Power Generation "It's Obsession" (Strictly Rhythm)
09). ?????Lets Dance?????
10). This is a white label where the label is actually orange.
11). Kyze "Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body)"
12). Something on Strictly Rhythm
13). Ave Maria "No sex till marriage" (Next Plateu)
14). Blue Pearl "Naked In The Rain"
15). ???? "Acid Bitch"
16). Araknophobia "Arachnophobia (I Want You)" (Guerilla Records)
17). ???????
18). Ths one is on Radikal Records
19). Automation - This track is either on the green, pink, or red EP as thats all I have by them on Triple Helix Records
20). Rising High Collective "Reach" (Rising High Records)
21). Rising High Collective "Reach (Geneside II Remix)" (Rising High Records)
22). ???? "Loosing You"
23). Photon Inc. "Generate Power" (Strictly Rhythm)
24). Lime Life (Todd Terry) "I wanna go bang" (two 12" copys played here)
25). Lime Life - Flip side of "I wanna go bang"
26). ???????
27). Nexus 21 (Altern 8) "Self Hypnosis" (Network)
28). New Atlantic "I know"
29). ?????
30). Rozalla "Everybodys Free" (this track was mastered horribly!!!)
31). LA Style "I'm Ravin (??Deep Remix??)"
32). KLF "3 AM Eternal (Guns of MUMU)"
33). KLF "What time is love (Moody Boys vs. The KLF)"
34). New Atlantic "Yes to Satan" (Only intro Amen breaks used for effect)

Download the 79min 320kbps MP3.

N-JOI! :rinsed:
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