1992 - Geoff-E's '94 Bassrush Set Tribute (07/18/09)

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    HUGE BACK STORY on the mix:

    I was a late comer to the whole "Rave" thing. I first heard real UK 'Ardkore from a poorly mixed tape given to me by a high school classmate, Brian Parmagano in 1992. Then I eventually moved to the Speed Limit BPM+ series on Moonshine (1993), followed by the "Happyanthems" series (1994). Eventually I realized I needed to get to one of these events so as soon as the folks got the internet installed in the house I was all over the internet newsgroups like alt.techno, alt.rave and then the email lists, breaks, NE-RAVES, and eventually V-Rave telnet chat.

    One of the first events that I found that was somewhat close to me was Bassrush in Allentown. I got my tickets in advance at the Underground Set clothing store and then the next day the NERAVES group met at the Perkins restaurant. I got into town too early so I killed time at the Allentown Mall or whatever its called. While there I saw what would become known to me as a "Candy raver" girl walking down the hall. The old couple walking next to me was awestruck by this awesome sight and said "What is she trying to prove?" to themselves. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. The Perkins meet was nice as I got to meet people I would see and hang out with often throughout the rest of the 90s.

    Once at the Freight Yard I was blown away by how cool the Clay Paky Mini-Scans looked (I was already a fan and owner of several disco lights) as I never saw scanners in person and thought they woudl be boring. They were far from it. The club also had my favorite light of all, the Meteor UFO-12. If I had room for it and could lift one I would have bought one by now for my own use.

    The downstairs "basement" room was where it was at. This is where they stuck the Jungle and Happyhardcore. The lighting down here was very lame. Just black lights along the bricked up window panes, two Martin 218 scanners (away from the DJ area so as not to be noticed) and a powerful gas laser aimed directly into the crowd's eyes (ouch!).

    The jungle music was mainly void of any happy bits which at the time did not please me. It was 90% ragga jungle yet the other 10% was Geoff-E's kick ass Happyhardcore set. Geoff-E played many great tracks which I was already familiar with from the Happy Anthems series which made my transition from the car stereo/headphones to the live event much smoother.

    After the set I thanked him almost to the point of asking for his autograph but not quite that far. Over the years I asked him if he would sell his happyhardcore records from that night as he no longer played this style. Eventually he caved in from my constant pestering and I now own those records and several other gems from his box (incl. FDB Project "The Core", Soapbar Records 001, and a rare Trace darkside record damn!!). Thanks to his kindness with selling me these records my obsession with purchasing vinyl from this general time period launched into over drive.

    I asked Geoffery Colon recently if he remembered what the tracklisting from that night was from his memory. This was the response:

    "Oh man, thanks for the email but you're asking me to remember a set from over 14 years ago! :) I don't remember the order, all I remember is a few of the records, one being DJ Seduction "So In Love With You" and DJ Red Allert & MIke Slammer's "Don't Need Your Love"

    The rest is a blur. Sorry I can't help you here. I would use every happy hardcore record from that crate that came out around '94/'95. It was probably used in the set. And send me a link to your latest mix. Would love to feature it on my blog.


    Looking back I wish I reaquanted myself with this discogs.com email as I didn't realize the Red Alert and Mike Slammer track was used or I could have included it.

    iPOD artwork:

    01). Slipmatt "Breaking Free" (Awesome Records)
    02). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "Midsummer Mist" (Asylum Music Inc 004)
    03). Unknown Artist "The Crawler (Mix 1)" (4 The Floor Recordings ATF06)
    04). Unknown Artist "The Crawler (Mix 2)" (4 The Floor Recordings ATF06)
    05). Beatmen "Seventh Way (Mix 2)" (4 The Floor Recordings 4TF03)
    06). DJ Seduction "Drop The Bass" (Impact IMP026)
    07). DJ Seduction "Drop The Bass (Remix)" (Impact IMP033)
    08). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "Feel Real Good (Remix)" (Ravers Choice TRC001)
    09). DJ Edge "Edge 1 - The Remix" (REMIX93)
    10). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "Rave Is A Mystery" (Asylum Music Inc 005)
    11). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "Rave Is A Mystery" (Asylum Music Inc 005)
    12). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "Want Your Love" (Asylum Music Inc 005)
    13). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "Want Your Love" (Asylum Music Inc 005)
    14). DJ Seduction "Sample-Mania" (Impact IMP026)
    15). DJ Seduction "Destiny" (Impact Impact IMP033)
    16). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "I Need Your Lovin' Remix" (Naughty Naughty 001)
    17). DJ Vibes & Wishdokta "I Want Your Body" (Ravers Choice TRC001)
    18). DJ Vibes "Obsession" (Asylum Music Inc 001)
    19). DJ Seduction "Higher Now (DJ Unknown & Seduction Remix)" (Impact IMP036)
    20). DJ Seduction "Higher Now (DJ Unknown & Seduction Remix)" (Impact IMP036)
    21). DJ Seduction & Dougal "It's Not Over" (Impact IMP028)
    22). Tin Tin "Untitled" (Homegrown Records 029)
    23). Ramos, Supreme, & the Sunset Regime "I've Got The Real Feel (94 Mix)" (RSR 001)
    24). DJ Seduction "Disco Hardcore" (Impact IMP040)
    25). DJ Seduction & Dougal "Better Day" (Impact IMP028)
    26). DJ Seduction "Holding On" (Impact IMP036)
    27). DJ Seduction "Holding On" (Impact IMP036)
    28). 2 Croozin' "2 Pumpin'" (Remix Records REC008)
    29). Sub State "We Got It" (Rogue Trooper 005)

    Download the 320kbps 44khz 87.53min 201mb MP3

    NEW FAST megaupload download link:

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    Wow wow wow...

    So hear is my story on this post...

    I was in high school at the time. I listened to these awesome techno shows all of the time on WLVR, 91.3FM. I would tape them on cassette and listen to them over and over.

    There's some magic in these old Freightyard shows. The ironic thing is I was too much of an introvert, and never went there! These tapes sounded awesome; the combination of the live mixing, the sound going through broadcast compression, the thematic songs themselves, etc...

    My tapes are missing, but I was able to salvage a few of the tracks that I had converted to CD.

    I remember going nutts trying to find the artists of the songs that I liked. All I had were theme words to go on...

    "I need your lovin, like the sunshine..."

    I found some stuff, like Pacific Symphoy by Transformer 2, but the original songs on CD lose a lot of the vibe that's on tape...

    And then I found this post!

    1992, do you have more sets like this? I'd like to dig up my saved tracks and see if I can get any downloads you might have.

    And everything since this timeframe has been crap, hate to say that...
    lots of magic...
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    Thanks! I have a few here like this mix. Check out "The Ride" and "Rolling Beats", both feature actuall records that were used at the Freight Yard. Practically every mix I've posted here is pretty upbeat from this general era. Even my newer (below the year 2003) DnB mixes sound much like the stuff from 1993/4.

    I only sort of agree with you about the "lost its magic" thing only because DnB went through a brief skint of rehashing the darkcore 1993 sound from 2000 to 2003 which I loved. I don't care for it now and in general I'm not impressed with any new dance stuff coming out now.
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    I'll be sure to listen to this, if it's anything like 'The Ride' (probably the most played "song" on my iPod). I don't know what I'd do without you guys putting up these mixes... DnB and happy hardcore today... bleh! :rinsed:

    Wish I had been around when this stuff came out...

    Thanks a ton!