1992 - Brazen (06/02/05) *Hard Techno*


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This mix is a bit of a tribute to my favorite internet DJ, Dylan Drazen (hence the title) who is a massivly great hard techno and house DJ. Hes also played at my friends house parties in the past which is extremely cool, espcially now as hes quite famous everywhere else but where hes from, Brooklyn. Hopefully that will some day change but in the mean time I thought I would have myself a go at mixing some hard techno for my own amusement. Some of these records I got for a dollar or two at Planet X before they closed up, others I got from my friend who got them from Dylan Drazen himself (unwanted promos apparently), The synewaves came from a crate of records I bought for $20.00, and others like the Rotation and Drumcodes I bought myself at full price because they were so damn good.

The mixing isn't nearly as tight as someone like Drazen but I hardly ever buy or even listen to these records so the fact that they flowed together so nicely is something that amazed even myself! Also, even though the set is hard techno, a lot of the tracks I picked out are infact full of classic 1992-esk keys and samples so the vibe is pretty up beat.

CD Art:

01). Function "F3" (Synewave SW 24)
02). Mikeal Levererar "Sjuttilappen i bkafickan" (Mardtorpsgatan 19)
03). Headz 011 Side B
04). Cozmo Giant "Softly Pi..ed Patterns" (Wax 029)
05). Headz 011 Side A1
06). Code Red 09 B1
07). Function "F1" (Synewave SW 24)
08). Jana Clemen & Fabian Feyerabendt "Can You Flow" (Convex 04)
09). Code Red 05 Side B1
10). T-1000 "Sexy Little Homewrecker" (Pure Sonik 11)
11). T-1000 "Our Man In Malta" (Pure Sonik 12)
12). Jeff Mills "Cyclone" (Purpose Maker 002)
13). Damon Wild vs. Function "Waveterm" (Synewave SW 28) 10"
14). Slush - Automation EP (Mechanisms Industries M1979) Promo
15). Jeff Mills "Step To Enchantment (Stringent)" (Axis 004)
16). Verbos "Hater" (Kne' Deep 8)
17). Jana Clemen & Fabian Feyerabendt "Nothing To Edit" (Convex 04)
18). Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivers "Located Error" (Rotation 0232)
19). Electric Envoy "Notorious Mover" (Rotation 0125)
20). Maru "Part1 Ltd (Tobias Von Hofsten Remix)" (Drumcode 23,5)
21). Jeff Ford "Killshot" (Rotation 0233)
22). Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivers "Nano Machines" (Rotation 0232)
24). Don Corco & Fred "Vision of Gray" (Rotation 0234)
25). Remainings 3 "DK Remix 1 [d]" (Drumcode 20,5)
26). Electric Envoy "Channel Deluxe" (Rotation 0125)

Download the 192kbps 44khz 109mb 79.35min MP3.
Download the tracklisting txt file.

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nice one man! I love all those old drumcode and T-1000 records...haven't listened to em in ages. About ten minutes into the mix so right now, sounds pretty tight so far (mixing wise) :spliff: