10pm-12 (midnight) tonight (GMT) DJ Revere presents Sub-Bass

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    Going out live for it's first ever broadcast this evening between the hours of 10pm & 12 (midnight) (GMT) DJ Revere presents Sub-Bass a new Drum and Bass show that's different to anything out there at there at the moment pushing the movement forward !

    Styles and Genres will be trancendend and blended !

    Chill to this show or listen as you prepare for a night out but the show will always keep you on your toes and have you guessing what direction the Dj will take you next (Tech-step to Jump-Up to Atmospheric to Chilled to Liquid) there's gonna be something in this broadcast and future ones for all the different genre lovers of Drum and Bass !

    Get Locked on at www.cc-radio.net

    (winamp is needed to listen but is available for d/l on the stations website)

    big up yaselves
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